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Official trailer of the new film about the Avengers. Video

Вышел официальный трейлер нового фильма о Мстителях. ВидеоMarvel unveiled the first trailer for “Avengers 4”

Trailer of the fourth part of “the Avengers” Directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo had to wait long enough.

After long months of waiting and setting the absolute secrecy surrounding “Avengers 4” Marvel has finally pleased fans of kynoselen MCU debut trailer for the superhero blockbuster. Needless to say that the movie was more than intriguing?

Earlier insiders reported that Marvel is going to use some kind of absolutely new marketing strategy and promised a “bold” public relations campaign. Apparently, trailers, this PR campaign did not also relate to – except that waiting for the debut of the movie, admittedly, was somewhat delayed.

Interestingly, with the debut of the first trailer for “Avengers 4” Marvel sucked almost a record – trailers may ensemble blockbusters usually come out of the Studio in November. And in 2014 in General, Marvel has released the first trailer for “Age of Ultron” for 6 weeks before going, because someone “leaked” to the network low-quality version of the video. After that, Marvel had nothing left but to let official trailer, accompanied by his humorous tweet with the words “Well dammit, HYDRA”.

Recall that in theaters “the Avengers 4” was originally supposed to start on 2 may 2019 – but then, as happened with the “infinity War”, they decided to transfer, and now Russian viewers will see the superhero blockbuster is one of the very first (and early States) since 25 April 2019. In the USA, “the Avengers 4” so far scheduled for release on may 3 – but, most likely, the date will also move to an earlier date in order to avoid spoilers from those who see the film early.

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