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New details of the brutal beating of a teenager in Moscow: among sadists excellence

Новые подробности жестокого избиения подростка в Москве: среди садистов отличник

The story of the brutal beating of a young dancer three familiar teenagers frames which circled the Network, continued. As it became known “MK”, the investigators of the TFR in Moscow just a day has detained two participants of the fight. A third teenager only 13 years old, so what responsibility awaits him, is not yet clear.

As reported “MK”, 21 October, three teenagers (two to 14 years old, the third — 13) attacked 15-year-old Valeria, walking with a girl, Katya (the guy is professionally engaged in ballroom dancing and has achieved success in this field). The beating was filmed on a mobile phone. The forces were unequal, and Valery got serious maxillofacial trauma.

The survey was posted online and spread through social networks, vocativ users. After public outcry the matter of interest in the UK. The identity of the participants in the brawl quickly identified — it was two eighth graders from the school Valeria and seventh-graders.

October 25 eighth-graders were taken in for questioning. As told mother of Dennis (name changed), about the incident she found out the day of the arrest. On 21 October she noticed that my son, who has returned home after a walk, the hand swelled up. Denis played a cunning trick, having told supposedly played football and fell awkwardly. The woman believed, as the son was previously a relationship of trust. She raises the boy without the help of my husband.

Before the detention the parent was able to obtain some explanation from the teenager. Denis said that he had a fight with Valeri. Supposedly Valery in online correspondence has promised to put Denis on his knees in response to the sarcastic remark to the girl Kate, so Denis decided to find out for Valeri one-on-one. The guys met in the shopping centre. Denis came, hit Valeria and moved away, and then ran two guys who knocked Valeria to the ground and began to beat his legs, causing severe injuries.

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My son, like a fool, gave his mobile phone to shoot. I’m really surprised — this is the first fight in his life. He does well in school. The sixth class graduated on straight, the seventh — with two “fours”. He’s not a bully. No drugs, no alcohol, do not consume, recently the school has passed the test. We have a tradition when returning home to kiss on the cheek. I have never felt odors from it. Blame dysfunctional comrades, — said the woman.

The mother already took son first gear. As my son was picky about food, she fears that in jail he will have problems with the stomach.

— I do not condone his son, but why ruin his life? — asks she.

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