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Network laugh Putin, “overgrown” Kirkorov

Сеть насмешил Путин, «переросший» КиркороваThe pinnacle of craftsmanship fotoshoperov.

Network users made fun of the ridiculous photos of the Russian President, who suddenly rose sharply.

In social networks appeared a photo on which the President of Russia Vladimir Putin depicted next to Philip Kirkorov. The Russian President with a program for correcting photos increased growth. This is stated on the user page, Maxim Mirovich on the social network Facebook.

The blogger has signed this photo with the phrase “Hard work photo editors of the Russian media”, and users have a ball and began to discuss how the original looks like the Russian leader with high growth and very long arms. The photo shows that Putin likened to the growth of one of the most highest singers of Russian pop – Philip Kirkorov. This was the reason for caustic ridicule users.

“It’s Slenderman”, “on the contrary, had the Phil trim”, “Dinopet”, “Arms like a Gibbon”, “remembered the horror film “Phantasm”, “Kripata. Pynya from feet to knees”, “Dracula like”, “there is such a job to pull Pinu”, “Putin-the limousine,” they write.

A similar photo was published of another blogger Fascists in Donetsk. He asked his readers to come up with a title for this photo.

Сеть насмешил Путин, «переросший» Киркорова

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