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Nearly propyl luck. As “Antibiotic” Lev Borisov cured

Чуть было не пропил удачу. Как "Антибиотик" Льва Борисова вылечил

In his youth, performing dozens of roles, Lev Borisov became famous when he was under 70. It happened after he played the crime boss “Antibiotic” “Gangster Petersburg”.

People’s artist of Russia Lev Borisov was born on 8 Dec 1933 in Plyos, Ivanovo region. Nobody in the family relationship to art had — her mother worked as an agronomist, father served as Director of the local agricultural school. However Nadezhdawas in love with the work and even named his youngest son after the great Russian writer — a gift that it was ponameshano German, and Romanian blood. But, apparently, some of the acting makings she had. Because after the war she took a job as a tour guide at the exhibition center, and to talk about the main exhibition of the country anyhow who did not take.


A lion (“a theatrical piece” he managed to get in the drama club) went off to the actors thanks to his older brother albert, who then the whole Union will be know as the people’s artist of the USSR Oleg Borisov. Although the elder brother and mother tried to persuade Leo not to go to drama school: two actors for one family is too much, they said. However, Borisov, Jr. wanted to follow in the footsteps of his brother, whom he always admired. After finishing drama school named Shchukin in 1956, Lev Borisov started to play in theatre and in film (“Height”, “ballad of a soldier”, “the Faithful heart”, “Destiny of man”, “You expect citizen Nikanorova”).


I must say that the theme of competition between the two brothers Borisovym (the age difference between them was only 4 years that the competition has only exacerbated) is always actively exaggerated. Despite the fact that Lev Ivanovich always said never jealous of twice laureate of state prize of the USSR Oleg Borisov, many suspected him otherwise. For example, once in a tour of the lion of Ivanovich asked me to give a present to his star older brother. But Lev Borisov reacted very painfully, cutting off: “I do not support with it relations and to discuss this topic won’t.” However, in recognition of the actor Vladimir Zemlyanikin, the reason that the brothers went through life in different directions and even stopped to chat, was not jealous of the success, and the morbid craving of the lion of Ivanovich to alcohol. It is therefore avoided by Borisova, Jr., and starring.

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As said in his interview with the daughter of artist Nadezhda Borisova, became an actress, Oleg Ivanovich painfully endured downtime in the movie, and that “her father’s creative life initially not developed as we would like each artist.”

In the actor the fate of rarely happens that in old age comes the real glory. Usually creators complain that the scale of the role is reduced in old age to play the main characters in the movie called rare. But in the artistic life of Lev Borisov happened just this phenomenon — when the actor was 67, on the screens out the series “Gangster Petersburg”. Lev Ivanovich played a crime boss Victor Pavlovich Govorov named “Antibiotic”. After starring in 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 seasons paintings Borisov learned on the streets. Borisov himself about his character said in an interview: “”Gangster Petersburg” the interesting characters? It is the people of our time and in our time of human manifestation, the characters are completely unexpected. Changing the system reveals a quite different, earlier some hidden qualities: the greed, the cruelty, the suppression of the individual. “Why you and not me?” There is a terrible pressure, redistribution, fight and even destroy. It’s all, again, is generated by the it system.”

According to Borisov, his Antibiotic so much interested in the audience because it was possible to learn “man of news”: “you agreed to play this role?” — ask me. But this is our life! See: his novel “the Prisoner” suddenly — again… Gusinsky put. Everything is close, everything is compressed. The authors do not have time to keep track of time around the stories, tips. Therefore, in the movie everything is recognizable. Time opened people, and as if they are not obscured by high fences and hiding behind the guards — they identify themselves”, he said.

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Nevertheless, performing Antibiotic, Borisov sought to speak, and a lawyer of his character, explaining that the root cause of such criminal destiny was a child — it Says was an orphan, starving, “knew the life of the lower classes”.

Чуть было не пропил удачу. Как "Антибиотик" Льва Борисова вылечил

Alexey Kravchenko and Lev Borisov. 2007 Photo: www.globallookpress.com

I must say that by the time the filming of “Gangster Petersburg” the problem with addiction to alcohol Borisov was already decided. This is largely happened due to the second wife, a French teacher whom he met on tour in Chernivtsi. After moving to her husband in Moscow, Maria Alexandrovna became a translator of French and Romanian languages. Later, he worked as administrator at the Yermolova Theatre, where he served as Borisov. In 1979 they had a daughter Hope. In 1988 Lev Borisov was baptized, and in 1989 he married his wife. By the time Maria was an elder in the Church in Mitino, where he lived Borisov family. Their daughter sang in the Church choir. In many of his interviews Lev Ivanovich admitted that the meeting with his second wife, and turning to God helped him defeat his craving for alcohol. And thus in his life, actor’s life he began a white stripe.

The daughter of the master of Nadezhda Borisova today actively playing in theater and film, her husband is a popular actor Aleksei Kravchenko. In an interview with “AIF” Kravchenko said: “My father-in-law — people’s artist of Russia Lev Ivanovich Borisov. Great master. I bow before him. In the life of a man thinking deep, never plays. It can be very severe. If he’s in a bad mood, it’s a hurricane. Sometimes Lev Ivanovich, watching my films, voiced his thoughts about my game. I am unable to disagree with him… And then I realize: “he was right!”.

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Чуть было не пропил удачу. Как "Антибиотик" Льва Борисова вылечил

Nadezhda Borisova and Alexey Kravchenko. Photo: RIA Novosti/ Sergey Kuznetsov

Lev Borisov died in November 2011. Stroke. Before this actor had a long sick spell, but in conversation with the correspondent of “AIF” admitted that any physical ailment is perceived differently, when God is in the soul.



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