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Nastya Kamensky showed someone kisses in the morning

Настя Каменских показала, кого целует по утрамThe singer showed the “kissing maniac”.

Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky regularly is under the eye of public opinion. Her every word and gesture is constantly discussed in the press, and fans are increasingly finding new and new reasons to discuss it person. So, for example, among the subscribers Instagram-page of Nasti there is a perception that she is pregnant by Potap.

Today, 22 February, the artist released a new video in his Instagram. Nastya posted it in the stories on the page. It captures the singer, obviously just waking up. She lies in bed with her dog Mimi, which, incidentally, has already become a General favorite. An animal so happy to see mistress, licks her face, and she in turn says, “Mimi, you’re the kissing maniac. Calm down!”.

Note that the dog Mimi is a regular guest photos in Instagram Nastya Kamensky. Subscribers already love the animal, and often compare it with the hostess, because both Anastasia and Mimi both curly. Subscribers to write that the dog is a real model and that they Nastya complement each other.

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