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Named the new launch date of the first expedition to Mars

Названа новая дата запуска первой экспедиции на МарсThe US is preparing to conquer Mars

The Director of the national office for Aeronautics (NASA) Jim Breidenstein said that a manned mission to Mars will take place in 2030-ies. However, before the engineers necessary to test necessary technologies for missions to the moon.

According to Jim, 2030, the U.S. plans to ensure a sustainable presence on the moon. They are not going to set a flag or record the footprints, but I want to invite international and commercial partners for cooperation.

Director, NASA also noted that research using instruments on the Mars Rovers Curiosity and Opportunity and the Mars station data gave new InSight about the history and geological structure of Mars.

“We learned that Mars has a magnetosphere, which provides protection from cosmic radiation, in the far distant past there was a dense atmosphere and the ocean, occupying virtually two-thirds of the surface of the Northern hemisphere, in other words, there were conditions suitable for life, he said. The results of recent studies indicate that, on the surface of Mars, there are complex organic compounds. This does not mean that life is there, but there are components for life”.

By 2020, NASA plans to deliver on the surface of Mars is another device for gathering information, on the basis of which scientists estimate the probability of the existence of life on Mars in the distant past, as well as the possibility of human habitation on this planet in the future.

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