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Named the most dangerous to the liver alcoholic drinks

Названы самые опасные для печени алкогольные напиткиIt is important to know when to stop in alcohol.

One of the most harmful habits – alcohol, is dangerous because leads to addiction. In addition, entering the body, guaranteed and slowly damages many organs in our body. In addition, alcohol addiction, deteriorating relations with society, resulting alcoholics eventually become asocial people.

Alcohol is one of the most dangerous drinks for health. Harm from him can be compared to cigarettes and drugs. So you need to know those alcoholic beverages which according to studies of physicians, are the most harmful for your body.

1. Beer

It is extremely dangerous to drink beer all the time, especially in the heat. Because, in summer days there is nothing like something to cool, and the liver with the swells and operates in a relaxed mode, which is fraught with various diseases. In beer production, manufacturers add in its composition – the hormone of happiness, this fact leads to daily consumption of beer and habit.

2. Liqueur

This type of beverage and a pleasant sweet taste, easy to drink in large quantities. The result is intoxication and headache. In addition the liquor harms the pancreas and promotes weight gain.

3. Champagne

Beer dangerous to the liver. In addition, frequent use can cause stomach pain, and even poisoning.

4. Cocktails

Are a caloric bomb, which attacks the body. Increase the weight, harm tooth enamel and severe liver.

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