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Named diseases, arises from the “night owls”

Названы болезни, возникающие у «полуночников»Five reasons to go to bed early.

For the sleep process in the body responds to the hormone melatonin. Its production depends on the biological clock and the time of day. Peak hormone accounts for the period from 21 to 23 hours. If at this time not to sleep, fails of the hormone. Affected insulin production, the immune system and even cancer prevention. Because of this failure and experience the following 5 diseases nighters.

No. 1 Hypertension
Night owls 30% more prone to hypertension – persistent increase in pressure. And all because of the night reboots the nervous system when all the muscle fibers (including vessels) to relax. If the night do not sleep, relaxation did not occur, the muscle fibers do not relax, the vessels are constantly in a state of increased tone.

No. 2 Obesity
The calories we get from food during the day, at night transformed into glycogen, which the liver during the night uses in order to maintain the level of blood sugar. But when the glycogen ends, you begin to burn fat cells. So during sleep you can lose weight, it supports the body’s metabolism. If before sleeping, then there is a violation of metabolism, as fat cells are not burned. As a consequence, diabetes and overweight.

No. 3 Diabetes of the 2nd type
Due to improper sleep fails circadian rhythms is another reason of developing diabetes of the 2nd type. Metabolism is disrupted, the hormones are produced irregularly, there is insulin resistance.

No. 4 Depression
Because of the violation of neurohumoral regulation, which causes wrong sleep mode, there is a tendency to anxiety and depression. American psychological Association confirmed in a study that between the exacerbation of neuroses and late bedtimes are closely connected.

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No. 5 Asthma
Night owls often suffer from obstructive diseases of the upper respiratory tract. This is partly due to the fact that nocturnal has to Smoking. However, Smoking larks night owls often suffer from communicable diseases of the lungs. And all because of peak gas exchange in the lung tissues occur in the period from 3 to 5 o’clock in the morning. Those who are in this period in deep sleep there is a complete relaxation of the muscles, and maximum oxygen saturation. But in order for this time to be in the phase of deep sleep, need to sleep not later than 23 hours. And night owls lung function is reduced, wheezing, shortness of breath and even possible asthma.

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