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Men on the note: these products increase the potency

Мужчинам на заметку: эти продукты повышают потенциюThe products positively affecting men’s health.

Scientists from the USA conducted a study and found some tropical fruits affect male potency.

As it turned out, the biggest effect has bananas, avocados and dates.

Currently available is a wide variety of drugs that have a positive effect on male potency. However, it is possible to solve existing problems using fruit. They are more accessible, have no side effects, moreover, cheaper pharmaceutical products. Experts suggest at home to do an aphrodisiac consisting of banana, walnuts and brown. In addition, this fruit contains a helpful for men potassium. No less useful is avocado. In addition to potassium contains fatty acids. You can still get by eating red meat, but as a more useful alternative to recommend fruit.

Beneficial effects on male potency effect and dates. The sugar contained in these fruits, helps to prolong sexual act, but also to purify the blood and increase the production of seminal fluid.

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