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Mars has made an inexplicable discovery

На Марсе сделали необъяснимую находку Stone on the planet’s surface has a smooth rectangular recess.

The nature of unusual rectangular shape, says a popular Taiwanese UFO researcher Scott Waring. Thus, according to the researcher, everything has right angles, it was created artificially by intelligent beings like you and me.

The specialist reviewed on the website of NASA images of the red planet, made on 19 January 2004 the Mars Rover Spirit, when suddenly I noticed on one of the photos the surface of a distant celestial body stone with a perfectly flat rectangular recess, whose dimensions are about 15 by 10 inches.

Under the assumption of Scott before us is certainly a shard of blocks, which the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations have used on Mars to construct buildings. UFO for a long time suggests that the red planet once existed an advanced civilization, which, alas, then in ruins. And now, they say, the Rovers from Earth periodically found on Mars insignificant fragments of its former glory.

The American national space Agency, according to Waring, knows all about this, but refuses to reveal the world the truth about the past Martian civilization. Even when the censors NASA inadvertently leave such anomalies in the pictures niezarejestrowana, and everyone can see them online, making the relevant findings, scientists space Agency “modestly” keep quiet, have long been not even attempt to refute ufologists and virtual archaeologists.

And how much can “feed” the public with the same argument about parabolicheskoi illusion, says Waring? Look at the photo, well, what the hell is this an illusion? Clearly the square hole that nature simply can not do…

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