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Leshchenko supported Husky and compared his arrest with the Soviet censorship

Лещенко поддержал Хаски и сравнил его задержание с советской цензурой

People’s artist of Russia Lev Leshchenko, the radio station “Moscow speaking” said a words of support to the rapper Husky and stated that any interference with legal structures in the work of artists is “unworthy and wrong.”

“I believe that this is unprecedented and it should not be! I believe that it is shameful and wrong,” — said Leshchenko, stressing that it is necessary to delve into the legislation and to determine whether a legal framework to intervene in the creative life.

The situation itself, which he, in his own words, heard vaguely resembles Soviet censorship. “We have already passed it, just before it was all on the level of the arts Council. But you need to see if this is an isolated case, but if it becomes a trend, it’s awful”.

Recall, after the cancellation of the concert in Krasnodar Husky tried to speak to the fans on the street, climbing on someone else’s car. For this he was arrested in Krasnodar on 12 days for disorderly conduct, three more days he was given for refusing to be examined. The defense appealed the court’s decision.

We will add that today it became aware of the pressure and the attempts to disrupt the concert Ayspik.

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