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Leonid Gozman: We are a great rose from his knees

Леонид Гозман: Мы великие встали с колен

OK, guys. Let’s say you convinced me that we say, the Empire that we are great. Stood up, and the only of our allies, the army and Navy – indeed, why do we need others? – from the taiga to the British seas is the strongest so that it is impossible to say.

But now, North Korea seized our sailors in international waters, in which they walked freely the first year. What took – go, understand? But I’m not about that in the mind of our great friend Kim Jong-UN, I about us. First, the week of silence – they have a week sitting there, and the information was leaked just now. You are no statements of the foreign Ministry and sessions of anger on TV. Secondly, the depth of our friendship, sealed with the arms of God-given leaders of our countries. Even diplomats to them allowed only on the seventh day, kept in bestial conditions, and are treated harshly. So, what the hell were hugging? Thirdly, and where our fleet is, where the embattled troops? Guys, our people are there to protect you and exist. Not only train in order to cut the budget. It is, of course, it’s not on TV yelling that the Russians don’t throw. And like you, the patriots, the fact that Kim Jong-UN, of all our military power is clearly not afraid?

Nothing new, of course. When our citizens captured by pirates off the coast of Benin, the authorities were also silent as fish about ice. Then bought, apparently, but the bandits are not punished – not found, not killed (sorry for bloodlust) was not made so that the local punks remember that our can not touch it. There was, incidentally, the case where in a similar situation did, in my opinion, quite rightly – some years ago, when our ship was hijacked by Somali pirates, approached our warship, the bandits all understood and agreed quietly float away. Our let them go, but the boats with them suddenly sank, and none of the pirates were unable to save! But this is the exception to the rule. I even think that the decision then was taking any military officer who may for this, and punished, not Moscow authorities.

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Because our government cares about anything – oil, money, prestige – but not the people. People they do not care. And captured in North Korea, and living in the flood zone, and sitting in queues in clinics.

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