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“Lay the winter” in the Moscow apartment, they found the mummies of a mother and daughter

«Лежали с зимы»: в московской квартире нашли мумии матери и дочери

A family tomb was found by rescuers in the apartment in the North of Moscow. In “odnushke” was found the mummy of a mother and daughter who disappeared at the beginning of the year.

How did you find the “MK” in the apartment houses on the Leningrad highway lived a mother and daughter: 79-year-old Irina and 59-year-old Irina. The younger women consisted on the account in a psychoneurological clinic.

However, eccentricities differed both ladies: mother always wore dark glasses and avoided people (even avoided to visit with neighbors in the Elevator), and her daughter in may 2016 tried to kick an elderly woman out of the apartment, threatening violence. Then her hospitalized. The last time the women saw immediately after the New year, and then they were gone.

— I have a dog hears every little noise and has always responded to life behind the wall. But after January, from the neighbors, there was no hearing nor spirit, — said the neighbor.

In February, living through the wall, the tenants found that adjacent to the ill-fated “the one” wall of heat. The layout just came out that the heat could come from a neighbor’s plate. The locals called rescuers, who found no smoke, no fire and just knocked the flat light, stating that the reason for opening the door there. And on Saturday, the neighbors feel bad.

The stench was coming from the apartment where lived a mother and daughter. Arrived at the scene the emergency personnel of the town opened the housing and found in the apartment of two decayed corpse. Irina Alexandrovna lay in the hallway, in the hallway, buried under things that fell out of the closet, and Irina Mikhailovna was located on the couch in the room face up, it was identified by the headdress. According to preliminary data, two women died of natural causes. The apartment was a terrible mess, but nothing unusual, the investigators found.

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