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Khimki real estate investors turned for help to the Trump

Химкинские дольщики обратились за помощью к Трампу


Desperate real estate investors LCD “Cherry, 31” in Skhodnya, which since 2002, I can’t wait for their homes, asked for help from U.S. President Donald trump.

On Twitter they published an appeal to the American leader, which talked about the fact that 500 families were deceived and were left homeless.

“Our President can hear us, nobody knows about us. But your retweet will save us! Our President knows about our problem and we will be saved,” — said in a tweet written in English.

The publication of “Ekaboron Moscow region” recalls that “Cherry 31” — record-duration long-term construction of Moscow. Investors are waiting for their apartments for almost 17 years. And while the completion and commissioning of the facility.

To draw attention to the problem, in the fall of 2018, interest holders hung on the unfinished house, a huge banner, which is visible from the October railway. The head of city district Khimki Dmitri Voloshin tried to convince the protesters to remove the flag, but he did not listen.

As writes the edition, according to several media, to finish the house will be impossible, as it began to crumble.

Earlier it was reported that in the third quarter of 2018 in Russia discovered 1352 “problem” of the house, which concluded 96 845 agreements of share participation in construction.

At a press conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin called the problem of defrauded co-investors are very sharp and urged to go to civilized methods of construction.


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