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Jamal was pleased to see the spring

Джамала порадовала ярким весенним снимкомJamal continues to share with fans her new creative achievements.

The singer does not forget about style. So, on his instagram page Ukrainian singer published a really bright picture, which posing in trend this spring.

On Jamal – monochrome beige coat MIDI length, wide leg, pleated high waist, a white blouse with puffed sleeves, shoes on the platform.

Noteworthy is also the background against which poses the singer. This plitochnaya panel “in folk style” with the cones, wildflowers, Ukrainochka.

By the way, the photo was taken at the Kiev state house of artists and technical creativity. Here Jamal held an important meeting – rehearsal with orchestra NAONI. April 12, they will have a concert in the Opera house and a special guest will be just Jamal.

“Rehearsal W NEON passed in “Raw judonia techno tworczosc”. Budula starkly neimovirna masagami, that has target archtecture Oleksandr Dumchev hudozhnica Olga rapay. Qiao beauty vzhe have target panasoni nastri,” writes Jamal.

Джамала порадовала ярким весенним снимком

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