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“It’s really miserable spectacle”. The critic and the viewer – the movie “T-34”

«Это реально убогое зрелище». Критик и зритель - о фильме «Т-34»

In addition, the film itself is extremely low quality, it is the opinion of the audience, and still promotes hate

Released a widely publicized movie “T-34” (Director: Aleksey Sidorov cast: Alexander Petrov, Viktor Dobronravov, Irina Starshenbaum, etc.). Initial reactions to it in social networks turned out just spectacularly negative.

Here is what they wrote in FB public figure Pyotr Shkumatov:

“Went today to the highly publicized movie “T-34”. I really, really did NOT like. Here, even the story is not a pity to disclose, just because of the plot actually, but there is only pathos, which by the end of the film becomes unbearably sweet and bright with special effects. The plot is interesting at first, suddenly starts to get fat, plump and in the final frames of the screen in the cinema begins to hang around a THICK LOG!

About the log out screen this post. If you want to make sure about the log yourself, do not read further spoiler.

The movie is very interesting because at first it is very catchy. Especially those who rides in the future. A tank battle that started it all, made quite realistic and refurbishment, from my point of view. But at the last moment the first part of this film in the screen got a mustache. No, not so: the MUSTACHE! We didn’t even realize at first whose mustache. But every frame of the second part it became clear that it was a mustache to our beloved besogon Nikita Mikhalkov.

Likely that either the national Assembly gave money for a movie, or knocked them from the state budget (more likely) because the second part is the benefit Mikhalkov. You will see all his favorite scenes and lines that he played in his films. I can just see Nikita takes the script, taking out whole chapters and enter there the way he sees. And the Director is forced to obey, because all the money from the master.

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Now, the second part is just disgusting. She lifted so improbable, that it is best to do a cartoon that was immediately clear – this is fiction, a cartoon. Or even better was not removed. But no. The special effects loaded some loot that was stolen, so the second part is made to tell a realistic, but here’s the story…

The Germans exhibited an absolute Imbeciles, morons and idiots in one person. Otherwise, explain the massive and ongoing fucapi simply impossible. So guys, the Germans could be brutal fascists, but they were never idiots. And when in movies they are portrayed in the wretched not – it makes a miserable spectacle. Is really miserable.

Briefly, in the second part, the main character in a strange way (no time to explain) was in a German concentration camp, where it was found his opponent for his first fight and offered to play Russian roulette tank, because the cadets need to practice. Ie, to sit in T-34 tank and drive around the polygon, when the cadets are to fire fighting. Glavgeroy agreed, the Germans drove a tank WITH SIX live rounds without CHECKING IT (!!!AHHH!!!), then glavgeroy & co tank were fixed on the ground threw a smoke grenade, knocked out a couple tanks of German cadets and ON the HIGHWAY started to drive towards the Czech Republic as there type! Tank, CARL!!! On the autobahn!!!

The Germans did not found anything more intelligent to do, how to levitate only ONE (!!!) the plane, which found traces of the T-34, understood the type of which route he was going and made a tank (!!!) ambushed in a German town. But an ambush in the city they made do without infantry (!!!AAAAAAA!!!), driving into the narrow streets heavy Panther (!!!AAAAAAAA!!!), as a result, after a series of fakapov and assistance of a higher power (after all, the crew was blessed, as the likes of NS) the Germans lost the tank battle and the main villain, along with his Panther fell into the river from the bridge, tentatively shaking his hand the main character.

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Tralovogo such fervor and contempt for the viewer I have not seen for a very long time. This film is designed for whom? For those who are “unable to replicate”? Those who believe that we WOW NOW?! How will zvezdana hypersonic thing schscham world capitalism?! And live?!… A nightmare…”


With the audience, a rare case, totally agree and critic – Maria Kuvshinova:

“Yesterday broke into the movie about the tank of course, monstrous. Compared to “upwards” (from the same producers) — dumber, even more complacency and isolation, and for us guys these universal values, humanism, anti-militarism, will live here with his farm. With such dynamics in a couple of years not to need even Sasha Petrov — will play a major role directly to the brick, removed from the masonry of the Omsk fortress. It is known that Mikhalkov looks at least 10-15 minutes of every film that won the film festival known to him, and there is clearly not without levana Samuel Maosa, which takes place entirely in a tank (“Golden lion” in Venice-2009).

The rest of the film context is meaningless to discuss, the content side is truly scary. It is clear that in this necrophiliac the line of no one movie now not complete without the German concentration camps: on the one hand the presence of the Germans concentration camps justifies, in General, all (here, see for yourself!), on the other hand, under the pretext to realize its interest in the torture porn (hard porn is approx.ed). From the point of view of, ahem, gender balance is an absolute erotic fantasy of gerontocrat.

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Up to the final credits the character here at one, she has no name (tankers call her “beauty”), she has almost no own replicas (she is a translator and repeats for men), and her mmuseum the Nazis. She goes into a handkerchief, then jumps on the armor and quietly gets pregnant from Petrov. It seems not even allowed to swim in the lake, where men run naked and beautiful splashing in the water four. In addition, compulsory to post-war Russian cinema (from “Goldeneye”) the image of “proper Ukrainian” — though he said at his funny language, but still is honest Empire (not that these 45 million who are now — these are all wrong); I think he even says the remark “the authorities we have in the Kremlin.”

The right of Georgians too, but it is clear that it is not a priority. Well, hate propaganda. Petrov says that, say, we have the main thing? hatred of the enemy! I remember the trailer for “T-34” in a block of other commercials before a children’s film: there are some soulless American dog sports, drawn by doves, lions and suddenly in the middle comes out Petrov in such earthy tones and says to someone “that you have a liver burst!”.

Don’t know what we prepare such films, but I do not want and do not advise anyone.

Ahahaha, me here under the post about “T-34” reminded “Four tankers and a dog”. Well, all right: in the new Patriotic film in the role of the dog — wordless unnamed pregnant woman…”

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