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It looked like an unrealized idea of a crossover “Moskvich”

Так выглядел нереализованный концепт внедорожника "Москвич" The car was almost ready for serial production.

AZLK-2150 – the name given to a lightweight SUV, was created in 1973.

Compact comfortable off-road car was created in the framework of the special project. Aggregates of the car was the same model 2140, which also started in manufacture at the time. I have created two different versions of the M-2150 – however, they differed only in top (canvas and hard).

Stiff springs, solid axles and a separate ladder frame, all these features are much more closer to his classic SUV compared to “Field”.

And yet, between the three prototype cars (VAZ-2121 “Niva”, IZH-14 and M-2150) won car of AVTOVAZ-a car was considered most comfortable and competitive on the world market, despite the less off-road features of the car compared to the other two.

The prototype M-2150 are interested in the military to the extent that they placed an order for the manufacture of 60 thousand cars in a year. Alas, the production of off-road “Moskvich” has not begun.

Так выглядел нереализованный концепт внедорожника "Москвич"

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