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It became known when Mazda will release the first electric car

Стало известно, когда Mazda выпустит первый электрокар The company shared their plans.

Your first electric car, the Japanese manufacturer Mazda is planning to introduce to the audience in 2020.

As stated by the chief artist of the brand, Ikuo Maeda, the new model will be unique and with the ability of the autopilot control.

According to the designer, a modern, eco-friendly mobiles like refrigerators, while they achieve a more elegant appearance for its first electric vehicle.

Following the premiere of the future of the electric car, Mazda plans to start production of rechargeable hybrids. It is assumed that the complete set the power unit of these cars will include electrovoice and a rotary engine.

We will remind that representatives from Mazda have already talked about the desire to reduce the overall impact of harmful emissions into the atmosphere and to reduce its own production of these cars at 50%, however this should happen only in 2030, and by mid-century the Japanese, leaving only 10% of production of cars with internal combustion engines.

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