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It became known, to protect it from whom were the pyramids built

Стало известно, для защиты от кого были построены пирамиды The reason for the creation of the Egyptian stone structures could be crocodiles.

Scientists have named the crocodile is the real reason of the construction of the pyramids in Egypt. This is due to the fact that the Nile river, in the past, the main water artery of Africa, flooding the nearby valleys. She was full of dangerous alligators, which somehow need to be saved. To protect yourself from blood-thirsty toothy predators, people began to create stone walls.

Due to the flooding of the Nile, the soil was fertile, which contributed to the development of agriculture. Along with this the river full of crocodiles were extremely dangerous for Egyptians. The strong stone of the pyramid was an important fortress that protected the local residents from the Cayman Islands. They also kept their valuables, which were intended for the afterlife.

The ancient Egyptians feared not only crocodiles, but also respected them. The water God Sobek was portrayed with the head of a crocodile. Thus the Egyptians expressed their respect for the reptiles. The alligators were worshipped they were considered higher beings.

Scientists have identified other reasons for building pyramids. There is an opinion that they were created to keep the memory of the pharaohs. In addition, they were built to preserve sacred knowledge. In geometrical form, expressed in geographical and astronomical wisdom.

According to one hypothesis, the pyramids were created by aliens. According to some experts, the Great pyramid of Egypt played the role of a transmitter – extend from it to strong radiation. Strong buildings were attended by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Scientists for years have debated what is the true origin of the pyramids.

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