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Iryna Bilyk made for the fans by surprise. Video

Ирина Билык сделала для поклонников сюрприз. Видео2019 should become for Ukrainians really new.

Singer Irina Bilyk decided to make for all fans a surprise, and unexpectedly presented a new song. In the new year track celebrity congratulated all with the upcoming holidays.

According to the artist, “happy New year, Ukraine!” – this is not just another song you’ll listen to the fans. Iryna Bilyk admitted that can bring a story in every house.

“I want to give Ukraine a new song with a Christmas name and wish “happy New year, Ukraine!”. This time I want to invest even in the name of the song a completely different message”, she confessed.

The actress added that 2019 should be for Ukrainians, in fact “no war, no tears, and political strife.” The song Irina Bilyk, according to singer, is able to unite Ukraine.

“I’m sure that after this song listen to all Ukrainians, there will come a magical time in our country will have a bright, bright, cheerful and beautiful life. I’m sure this song is magical, and it will bring success to each of us and the whole Ukraine”, – said Irina Bilyk.

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