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Invitation to the anomaly. How dangerous TV talk show

Приглашение к аномалии. Чем опасны телевизионные ток-шоу

One episode of the TV show “Let them speak” was dedicated to the tragic history of St. Petersburg, where a group of young people – fans of the Gothic subculture killed, and then ate them joined the girl. This sparked a debate in social networks.

“Russia was overflowed by a wave of monstrous crimes, what we have not even heard of, living in the USSR, has become commonplace, writes in his LiveJournal putnik-76. – You wonder why all this is happening and why it has taken such a monstrous scale?

The reasons for that are many. This and the decline of morality in society in General, in the absence of any common ideology. The degeneration of human souls, the output of the first low, animal values. Food, money, sex, own selfish well – being- here, perhaps, and all simple a list of values of the modern sub-humans inhabiting our country.As a result, we received a society of dead souls. For anybody not a secret that some people are subject to animal instincts and desires. And because endowed with reason, sometimes these desires can be very sophisticated and quite idiotic.

But that’s not all that much worse than what Russia has real generator for the production of scum in the form of a Russian zombie-TV. How it works I’ll try to explain.


Take for example one of the famous programs “Let speak”. What do you think, is there at least some sort of benefit from such public airing “dirty Laundry”? Maybe “opening abscesses of society”? Why is removed and shit like that? Why show all those dirty details? Need to remove transfer about non-humans, rastlamak children and strange girls is quite a capable age, prefer to have sex with an adult uncle, “not to depart from the team”? The answer is obvious. No matter how monstrous, but it seems there are those who are interested in spreading this infection. Someone really want the complete degradation of our people.

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Every action starts with a thought. In certain particularly “inventive” mind, lack of human aspirations, lowered the threshold of morality and conscience creeps in, sneaky and vile thought. For example, to earn money with his body, to engage in the sexual abuse of children or with the garden type to see how the human body can do if you try to fit in two plastic bags? With the right policies in States such people at the stage of thinking needs to feel like an outcast, inhuman, subhuman. In this case, he is likely to leave such thoughts, at least, there’s a good chance.


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You think, in order to feel unsociable need the conviction of frostbite on the head “stars” present at the show? You are very much mistaken. For this we must feel alone, outside of society, to understand that you are a degenerate freak of nature, a miscarriage companies. But while TV, convinces these people! Similar gear to people standing on the “edge”, is inspired about the following: “You are not alone, like you very, very much. They exist in all strata of society, – among plasterers, coaches, teachers, deputies, police officers and prosecutors!”.

Is feel person unsociable so pleasant and very numerous company? That is a regular savoring pedophile, nekrofilskoe details in news, crime, entertainment achieved a very definite result: subman begins to consider himself one of many to join the great mysteries.

In the USSR it was customary to savor such a dirty side of human life. The task was to find and eradicate non-humans, preventing spread the infection. Tactics now chosen the opposite, on TV just the dominance of gears of a criminal nature, narrating the facts of flagrant human lawlessness. However, the society rapidly falls into the trash, and the crimes are monstrous and sophisticated.

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