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Infectious ideas of the Western rivers

Заразные идеи из-за западной реки

In connection with the next wave of crying about the “erosion of traditional values.” I suspect the main “razryvatelem” during the last Millennium was equal to the apostles Prince Vladimir and Peter the great, whose giant statue, by the way, stand in the center of Moscow close to each other.

One with fire and sword weed out the “traditional” pagan values and practices, despite the sobs, the cries and groans of the then traditionalists, the other also severely altered the country as a whole, to join in, by the way, the Church’s apparatus to the state machine.

Advocates of scrapping the “traditional” values was up to them, however, their names are hidden in the dark ages. The author of the wheel, the spear, the ones who came up with the basis for agriculture and animal husbandry. Imagine the angry complaints of the decay of traditional men’s hunting fraternity. Like, sissified, forced now messing around in the ground, and all those contagious ideas of the Western rivers.

Humanity has to evolve and change. Those who want stagnation and “stability”, actually want the end of civilization and progress.

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