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In Syria, another incident occurred, which creates potential risks for direct clashes between Russia and Turkey in this country. An unidentified aircraft struck at militants, hitting and Turkish observation post “Sher of Maghar”. On victims and victims among the Turkish military are not reported. The Syrian opposition has accused the impact of the Russian and Syrian aircraft. The Turks have not yet commented, but the options are in fact little – Russian and Syrian aircraft bombed the area.


The Turks are already seriously considering additional large-scale sending its military to the North, Syria to Idlib area. The only limitation is without air support. What, in General, it is reasonable, as the actions of the two warring air forces almost inevitably leads to collisions in the air and a sharp escalation. While the Turks hold back from the last step. But for how long is unknown.

We also have message (still without confirmation) about the arrest by the Syrian intelligence services powerful cousin of Assad, Rami Makhluf. On the surface lies the money issue – Majluf simply decided to shake. A cousin of Assad is one of the few Syrian oligarchs who gained his fortune during the war, so he was asked to fork out (rumored at $ 2 billion), but he refused. However, the arrest may be related to the opposition of Russia and Iran in Syria. Makhluf – a supporter of the Pro-Iranian party surrounded by Assad. Relations of Iran and Russia in Syria today are at very low level. These relations began gradually to deteriorate in the 16th year, when the Kremlin suddenly realized that the beautiful pictures which unfolded before him the General Soleimani in the summer of ‘ 15, promising easy and quick victory in Syria, was commonplace East “divorce”.

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However, these claims need to addressed to the Kremlin – in fact, 15 year he completely lost the understanding of what is happening in Syria and in the region as early as 12 years have been systematically curtailed all structures of the Russian presence in the region (and key structure that was eliminated was the office of the chief military adviser in Syria, closed in just 12). Therefore, the decision to join the war was made “by eye”, without any serious consideration. The result of four years of hopeless war with a totally vague term. In fact, the great strategist of our time banal and highly cynical used. It is not surprising that relations with Iran in Syria, the Kremlin is extremely cold. So no surprise about the sweeps of the Pro-Iranian elite surrounded by Assad there. The fact that they are not talking to the Russian media, too, in General, it is not surprising – there are many unnecessary questions, although the war in Syria and the snake has long been firmly dropped from the Russian information space. Patriotic psychosis has dried up and withered away except for a very small audience, and it was such a delicate subject do not touch.

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