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In Yakutia condemned the priest’s 87 rape

В Якутии осудили священника за 87 изнасилований

The father-the pedophile has received 17 years in prison for his crimes

Ex-Director of St Innokenty Orthodox school hieromonk Meletius had received 17 years of a high security for pedophilia. Priest accused in 87 episodes of violent acts of sexual character concerning minors.

All episodes of crimes relate to sexual abuse of boys, reports SAKHAPRESS. In the Yakut diocese stated that the priest will probably be defrocked. And the families of the affected children will receive the necessary assistance. Also Meletios will be required to pay a large sum of compensation of harm.

Also in the diocese urged parishioners in case of complaints on the conduct of clergy to notify the Diocesan administration.

Protection architeria said that the verdict would be challenged in appeals and complaints to higher authorities.

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