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In Volgograd the pensioner vengeful GAZ-21 rammed 12 luxury SUVs bureaucrats

В Волгограде мстительный пенсионер на ГАЗ-21 протаранил 12 элитных внедорожников чиновни

76-the summer inhabitant of Volgograd took revenge on the officials fined him for not duly greenhouse at their summer cottage, and broke 12 of their luxury SUV in the Parking lot at city hall.

A pensioner has become one of the first person fined under the new law. It was established that on his suburban plot there is a greenhouse, built without the proper permits and in violation of several norms. In particular, the old man grew vegetables in large volumes, not having registration and not paying taxes.

Cottager decided painful revenge on the officials after an unsuccessful attempt at appealing the fine. Pensioner attached to the driver’s door of the car GAZ M-21 “Volga” 1959 model year the red flag with hammer and sickle, the driver’s seat, it was equipped with a loudspeaker. By noon when the administration building has accumulated more than a dozen premium SUV local officials, he drove from 13th Guards the streets and began ramming cars of those in power, shouting slogans.

“He was screaming that there was quite brazen and will soon be with us over the air asking for money. Demanded the return of Soviet power, it seems. We watched from the window, it was scary — he was accelerated, crashed into a jeep with a very loud sound, and his car only hesitated, but went,” — said a local resident Alena living nearby.

As a result of the incident injured twelve expensive cars, some of them hard strokes turned over. At least four cars can never be restored. Eyewitnesses reported that before the police arrived, ran officials tried to stop the pensioner, one of them even pulled out a gun and fired several shots, but missed. An elderly man gave up only after 20 minutes when his car pushed the truck to the wall of the building. As noted, it “Volga” has endured more than two dozen of the collision and remained on the go until the last, escaped with insignificant rumpled bumper and wings.

First, the pensioner wanted to hospitalize doctors, but police and officials have insisted on the immediate arrest and delivery to the Department for questioning. Elderly Volgograd can be sentenced to up to 15 years of imprisonment, a large fine and compensation to all victims.

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