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In Ukraine will create a mine action Center operations

В Украине создадут Центр противоминных операцийRada adopted the law on humanitarian demining in the Donbas.

The Verkhovna Rada adopted the draft law # 9080-1 on mine action.

After several unsuccessful ballots voted 242 deputies at minimum necessary 226.

According to the law, mine action consists of screening, marking and mapping of territories; to identify, transport or destruction of explosive items; documentation of the work performed; information on measures on mine action and the danger of explosive objects; dispose of excess and obsolete ammunition; the provision of assistance to victims and their rehabilitation.

In addition, the Cabinet of Ministers also proposes to establish a national authority for mine action to coordinate and regulate mine action Center operations. Also mine activity engaged operators and authorized departments of the Central bodies of Executive power.

It is also envisaged to develop standards in this area mine action Center transactions and their approval by the Cabinet subject to the provisions of the international mine action standards (IMAS) approved service of the United Nations mine action (UNMAS).

Financing activities can be carried out at the expense of state and local budgets, institutions of different ownership forms, as well as agencies of other States and international organizations.

The law provides for the establishment of a roster of mine action operators, entitled to conduct economic activity in this area, which will have to undergo licensing and accreditation.

The territory of the conflict in the Donbas and the occupied Crimea will be included in the Cabinet approved the list of likely contaminated with UXO areas, and specialists will be subject to the compulsory insurance of life and health for the period of execution of demining works.

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