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In Ugra “to agimat” in the queue said she hates pensioners

В Югре «яжемать» в очереди заявила, что ненавидит пенсионеров

Kogalym in the Yugra woman with child staged a riot in the hospital due to the fact that its not all missed the queue.

As seen on the record made by the eyewitness, a woman with a baby in her arms curses and condemns the pensioner with a girl, who never missed the queue. Commenting on what is happening, the child’s mother wished the old woman’s death and stated that she is a “nationalist” and hates pensioners.

The doctors called the police, but the woman continued to make trouble, insulting and medics, and police.

It turned out that shooting the witness had to pay. A woman found a young man in the Mall and forced to apologize and demanded under the video to call himself a rat. Later this video a woman posted in social networks, and young man, respectively, published a survey of the scandal.

The police “URA.RU” reported that began check on this fact.

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