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In the United States successfully tested a new missile defense system. Video

В США прошли успешные испытания новой системы ПРО. Видео Were tested innovative interceptor missile.

Thursday, December 13, the U.S. Navy has tested a new missile-interceptor missile defense system.

It is noted that the missile defense Agency in conjunction with U.S. Navy has successfully tested an updated missile defense system. Missile target was launched and successfully intercepted over the ocean with aircraft C-17, which was several thousand miles from Hawaii.

It is noted that this is the second consecutive intercept of a ballistic medium-range missiles (IRBM) using interceptor missile SM-3 Block IIA missile defense system Aegis Ashore.

The Director of the missile defense Agency Lieutenant General Sam greaves congratulated all military servicemen, civil servants and contractors who participated in the test, and stressed that the missile defense system is defensive, not offensive weapons.

It should also be clarified that prior successful interception was carried out in October. Before that there were two failed tests: in the first case there is a failure in the work of the rocket engine, the second made a mistake the operator of the complex.

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