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In the United States received long range neutron beam

В США получили дальнодействующий нейтронный луч

Currently, the United States has the technology to create a long range neutron beam, told Breaking Defense the former head of space Command and missile defense U.S. Army Lieutenant General retired David Mann.

According to him, the development allows to obtain a narrow stream of neutrons moving about seven times slower than light in a vacuum to a distance of “several kilometers”. The installation includes a generator of the neutron beam, the aiming system and power supply. The total mass of the device is estimated at several tons.

The most important application of neutron beam is the detection of nuclear units guidance among other (dummy) multiple warheads of ballistic missiles. The neutron beam interacting with uranium and plutonium leads to the generation of gamma radiation, which is subsequently fixed missile defense systems.

The military also adds that the neutron beam in the case of increasing the capacity of the generator allows the use for targeted killings of electronic components in the equipment of the enemy, and destruction of the warheads of the enemy rockets.

The General-the Lieutenant in resignation believes that currently there is absolutely no question about the fundamental physical realizability of such a project, actuality are only the time frame within which possible it to run. Mann notes that the us military is already using neutron beams for detection at a depth of 20 meters of burial of explosives.

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