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In the United States are 10 years in a coma the woman became pregnant

В США находящаяся 10 лет в коме женщина забеременела

The police became suspicious and looking for the rapist

In the clinic, the Arizona woman who more than 10 years is in a coma, gave birth to a child. It might seem like a miracle, if not one “but” – she couldn’t even be reported, and police are looking for the perpetrator, which came to light a child.

Police and doctors investigate the circumstances of the situation, when a woman being in a coma for more than 10 years, got pregnant and then gave birth, according to Arizona”s Family. The delivery was December 29, but the incident became known recently. Doctors call this the first case of delivery in this state.

The woman could not report the rape, that is her position. She went into a coma ten years ago due to the fact that he almost drowned while bathing in the pond. Surgeons said that women are in some ways lucky – she had a baby with almost no complications, because in this state, the risk of losing the baby was very large.

And nurses, and the police are sure that all the rape. Now medical men can go to patients only in the presence of other medical women. Previously, access to the chamber of the unfortunate was a very “liberal” because of the need for frequent Babysitting her. The police also “horrified” by the incident and intend to conduct a DNA test to speed the search for the offender.

It is also known that the child was born completely healthy, which also impressed the doctors and the public.

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