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In the Ulyanovsk region the man almost killed with a fork a two year old daughter concubine

В Ульяновской области мужчина чуть не убил вилкой двухлетнюю дочь сожительницы

In the Ulyanovsk region the district has issued from an apartment a two-year wounded the girl spouse mother stabbed with a fork.

The incident occurred on August 30 in the house on Nekrasova street in the village Mullovka. As reported by the regional police, neighbours reported screaming in the apartment on the first floor. A policeman arrived on call, found that the door to the apartment closed, the light in the Windows there. Shine a flashlight out the window, he saw on the sofa a child with brown spots. Noticing that nearby window is open, the officer entered the apartment, wrapped the child in a blanket and ran with him into the street.

In the SU TFR in the region reported that on suspicion in causing of heavy harm to health of the child (item “b” part 2 article 111 of the criminal code) is detained 43-the summer cohabitant of the mother.

“Being in a state of intoxication, he inflicted several blows with a fork into the chest of the girl at the age of two years. The child is currently hospitalized, she held resuscitation events,” — said the Agency.

The family in which the child lives is registered in the Commission on Affairs of minors. The child’s mother had previously brought to administrative responsibility under article 5.35 of the administrative code (“the Failure of parents or other lawful representatives of minor duties under the maintenance and education of minors”).

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