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In the state Duma follow the investigation of the brutal murder of a cat mochi

В Госдуме следят за расследованием зверского убийства кота Моти

In the state Duma follow the investigation of the brutal murder of a cat mochi, which can be involved in girl

The Novosibirsk Akademgorodok has stirred up the murder of a local cat mochi. Residents believe that the culprits — a gang of juveniles flayers. An investigation into the death of the animal joined the state Duma.

Red cat Motya 5 Aug not back. The owners found his dismembered body in a dumpster. The cat had severed the head and legs, removed the scalp. After watching the video from the intercom, it became clear that the death of the animal can be a part of the neighborhood girls who carried a dark garbage bag. This is stated in the appeal of the inhabitant of Novosibirsk on the website of the Communist party.

She writes that the police examined the apartment of the girl. One of the rooms was converted into a torture, law enforcement authorities found the remains of animals. Neighbors for two years complained to the local police to the cries of animals and putrid smell from the apartment.

The girl, whom neighbors suspected of killing of animals, 16. She lives alone. Residents of Novosibirsk found that with her friends she often took animals from different shelters. We also know that through social networks they sold the bones and organs of animals. The girl consists on the account in police for several years.

The city hosted the rally, which was visited by about 150 people. The townspeople gathered and handed over to the authorities of the region signatures with a demand to initiate a criminal case.

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Citizens complained to the Prosecutor, the answer is also posted on the website of the Communist party. It says that criminal prosecution requires judicial-biological examination. Investigating the incident involved the police Department № 10 of the “Soviet” AMIA Russia’s Novosibirsk. The Prosecutor’s office indicated to complete it before 14 September and took the test under control.

Also on the Deputy took control of the investigation, the Chairman of Subcommittee of the state Duma agro-ecology Oleg Lebedev.

As reported by Sib.FM, the animal began to stick at the front door leaflets with caution. Them on behalf of the cat mochi contains the address of the minor, which is suspected in the brutal murder of the animal.

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