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In the popular resort engaged in a struggle with hookahs

На популярном курорте занялись борьбой с кальянамиThe country is actively fighting against Smoking.

The Minister of health of Turkey Fahrettin koca said that the fight against Smoking in public places will become more rigid forms. This applies to hookahs. In a recent interview, he noted that the changes will affect the closed areas for smokers in restaurants and cafes.

“In the new regulations, we focus on open and closed areas. Don’t want the Smoking was attractive, but the best part of the restaurants and cafes have such zones. We want people to smoke only in private, special areas. In cafes and restaurants, 70 per cent of non-smokers sit in the back, and 30 percent of smokers offered the best seats. The restaurant appear closed room camera that will take no more than 30 percent of the area. They will be a special pass with strong air conditioning. The smoke will not go beyond these areas. Rooms camera will also have a special license,” said Fahrettin koca.

The Minister added that this will also apply to hookahs. However, koca noted that “if you are struggling with the tobacco industry, it can’t get any result. About the dangers of Smoking say a lot, but not enough. You need to create the feeling that Smoking is disgusting,” – said the Minister of health of Turkey.

By the way, Turkey also banned the marketing of unhealthy fast food to transport. The country intends to seriously address the health of its citizens.

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