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In the person all should be fine

В человеке всё должно быть прекрасно

The last years I often think of Anton Chekhov. And see that working people live still not sweet. By the way, Anton Pavlovich said that in the person all should be fine. But you also noticed that many people in Russia are very simple and cheap clothes ? And this is no accident.
However, now the workers have stopped going in darned socks. But were more likely to buy cheap the “family” shorts, sewn by migrant workers.
However, the good news is that Russian citizens still buy his clothes. And it does that in the summer they started with panties. The autumn will start to buy cheap shorts, for winter cheap pants, and those lucky enough with work, buy cheap jacket.
Just do not say that it is a slander on Soviet reality. After all you do see torn jeans run not only boys, but many girls in Russia. Most likely, many of them already do not dream about other clothes.

But I wonder what clothes are in fashion now ? Don’t think that, I just haven’t gone to the beach. So not aware of the current trends.
However, much depends on the taste of consumers and their incomes. Those who want to look decent, you can buy a youth or expensive imported underwear and swimwear. Well, rogue is likely to go in cheap rags.
By the way, many years ago because of someone else’s boxers, I got in trouble on the beach. It was like this.
I once went on a “wild” beach in Kolomenskoye just sunbathing. By the way, in the Moscow river I bathed only twice in my life. Well, undressed, lay on the bedspread, sunbathed, and then decided to go for a walk on the beach.

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Go and meet me in the company of drunken guys and girls. And I’m going so proud that I fashionable youth underwear nice colors.

And suddenly they hear one of the girls tells her boyfriend:
Yeah, look what it go ! And you didn’t want to go in her pants.

And shows on his huge (long and baggy) boxers terrible faded colors that knee hid his thin legs.

Excuse me, but I’m such a wuss even the floors would not wash in his apartment. But laugh-they need me. I was dressed, you know, not like these guys bydlovaty.
Of course, let such go to what they want. But normal and educated people always seek for something good. Of course, if the funds allow them to buy modern and beautiful things.

But let’s not forget that new is well forgotten old. Therefore, designers often borrow fabrics, clothes and linen that were popular 20 or even 40 years ago.

In any case, some of the youth briefs on store shelves is very similar to boxers our fathers and grandfathers.

Perhaps someone will ask why I am told about it. First, now is very hot weather and Muscovites are strongly encouraged to visit the beaches. Secondly, I was reminded of this fun event on the beach in Kolomenskoye.

And I would like to remind you that your beautiful briefs and trunks – a sign of good taste your wife.

Sergey Paliy.

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