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In the Kerch Strait accident tow

В Керченском проливе попал в аварию буксирBecause of the cluster of ships accident happened.

In the Black and Azov seas occurred accidents ships due to the blocking by the Russian Federation of the Kerch Strait.

It is reported that from November 25, hundreds of ships were waiting to pass through the Kerch Strait, as in the direction of the Black and Azov seas.

So, according to the international vessel monitoring systems on 30 November, a cargo ship of the Republic of Slovenia, while maneuvering near the Kerch Strait have suffered damage due to tangling of the screw of the vessel to the anchor chain of the other vessel of the Republic of Malta. Both ships were on their way to ports in the sea of Azov.

In addition, December 1, at the exit from the sea of Azov near Kerch Strait tug PAL 3 (Russian Federation) lost control of buksirovka SHILAYNYAY barge that was loaded with around 4,000 tons of wheat, for which the barge broke away and ran aground near Cape Kamennyy. Tugboat captain for several hours tried to remove the barge off the rocks, but attempts proved futile.

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