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In St. Petersburg beat the candidate of the municipality of Black river

В Петербурге избили кандидата в депутаты муниципалитета Черная речка

The electoral Commission of the municipality of Black river there was a fight. As told on July 2 activists, the participants of the queue for submission of documents for participation in elections, pushed out from the queue a candidate from the “Yabloko” Alexander Shatalin, giving him punched in the ribs.

“It was my turn to apply, but the Chairman of the electoral Commission Mikhail well-wishers behind me two people, when I tried to say that I should go and together with the second man tried to enter the office, he pushed me several times and hit in the ribs,” — said Shatalin.

The building of the electoral Commission called the police and doctors to record injuries.

Earlier, the CEC said that the situation at the elections in St. Petersburg is normal, but it is clear that candidates continue to experience difficulties when applying.

It is noteworthy that among the deputies of the municipality of Black river — the brother of the speaker of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Vasily Makarov. It is believed that the authorities of the municipality controlled by him and his colleagues from the “United Russia”.

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