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In Severodvinsk, the teacher smacks students.

В Северодвинске учительница порет школьников скакалкой

Tool education student physical education teacher in Severodvinsk have chosen a normal rope. Video with the incident, allegedly, in the school № 19 in the city of Severodvinsk, appeared in the communities of city news in the VC.

In the video, the teacher with a skipping rope in hand, first chastises the pupil, and then double-hits the jump rope lower back. Then in the picture is a frightened little girl. Her teacher also criticized for badly done homework. Then the rope goes to the student. The teacher says:

“I will educate. You good? On hand will be painful. Ass still stand on it and the ass.”


The portal of the “Northern week” reports that the Deputy head of the Severodvinsk on social issues Irina Sakharov confirmed that the events actually happened in Severodvinsk and launched an official investigation.

As reported by the website “Echo of the North” in a press-service UMVD of Russia across the Arkhangelsk region, on the given fact OMVD Russia’s city of Severodvinsk checks.

In the office of the Commissioner on child rights under the Governor of the Arkhangelsk region, told the radio station “Moscow speaking” that the Ombudsman Olga Smirnova went to Severodvinsk to figure out the details.

It is worth noting that in recent cases of violence towards students from teachers poured from the cornucopia. Yesterday in Moscow teacher of Russian language and literature, broke a finger a fifth grader.

On 14 November, the teacher of initial classes from Komsomolsk-on-Amur in the recreation, in the eyes of the other children beat up a student. All captured on video. While hundreds of people signed a petition that, in principle, pedagogic was right, striking the student.

In those days in Tomsk recorded on video, as the teacher grabs the boy by the hair and tries to knock his head on the Desk. In the class is deathly silence — according to some, a child for a couple of seconds distracted from the tutorial, and that has infuriated teachers.

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