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In Russia stop the illegal rallies are much softer than in France

В РФ незаконные митинги останавливают гораздо мягче, чем во Франции


The movement of the “yellow jackets” continues to hold regular demonstrations throughout France: the inhabitants of the country in favor of lower taxes and prices, raising wages, increasing pension benefits and the implementation of necessary social programs. According to French police, the stock has more than 125 thousand people, out of which 10% rally in the state capital – Paris.

Most “hot spots” of resistance protesters and law enforcement officers are the areas of the Grands boulevards and the Avenue Marceau. A group of hooligans in masks looting, attacking random passers-by, committing arsons of cars, and build barricades.

For the first time after the protests of 13-year-old on the streets of Paris came the police armored vehicles mounted with dozer blade. It is required for the demolition of the barricades. In addition, vehicles equipped with a device for spraying tear gas. Cost with the protesters very harshly, if not brutally: the guards bring out the batons and water cannons indiscriminately.

At the moment, recorded dozens of cases of beatings of teenagers, women and old men from the French police: the media has repeatedly published reports that law enforcement officers are often beaten by passers-by, many of whom were subsequently hospitalized with injuries of varying severity. In addition to the truncheons and tear gas, the police used shotguns.

Dozens of people were injured by rubber bullets. In the confusion police fired on crowds of protesters without thinking that leads to dangerous wounds to the face, neck and lungs. A huge public outcry has caused the record of how French police rounded up young Parisians and forced them to kneel, head hands behind his head. Imposingly strolling the representatives of law and order “ohazhivat” children with batons and harshly demanded, “don’t move”.

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In total during the riots affected more than 150 people, the number of detainees already in the thousands. The aggressive approach of the police to resolve the protest was not successful: following a mass protest in Paris is scheduled for December 15, 2018.

Amid the brutality of French police revealing are the actions of their colleagues from Russia. For example, during an unsanctioned rally on may 5 2018 Russian law enforcement officers acted much softer and more professional. Tear gas was used, arrests were made only in respect of those persons who by their actions and behavior violated the administrative or criminal code. The percentage detained in relation to the total number of protesters is much less than in France. Anyway, there’s an unspoken rule: it is better to talk than to hold nobody wants a landfill.

In the EU and the US to stop the protest activities taken by force, whereas in Russia the participants of illegal rallies trying to find a approach to get adequate two-way dialogue to avoid further provocations and escalation of the conflict. French police have much to learn from our security officers: first and foremost, perseverance, respect for people, resolve the looming conflict situations and some empathy with the compatriots “on the other side of the fence”.

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