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In Russia for the first time condemned according to the law on contempt

В России впервые осудили по закону о неуважении к властиThe inhabitant of the Novgorod region have written two posts about Putin.

In the Novgorod region on April 22, the court fined local resident Yuri Cartagena 30 thousand rubles for a new act of contempt – a man convicted of two posts in “Vkontakte”, in which he allegedly wrote “Putin is a fabulous *******”. Cartagena case is the first case of application of this law, which became known.

Resident of the city Malaya Vishera in Novgorod region Yury Karthigesu 34 years. He recently was released from prison where he served more than two years for theft – a man pleaded guilty and was released on parole. Kartigam said “the jellyfish” which is now officially not working, but “Sabbat”. He is sure that he has no job, blame President Vladimir Putin, who “brought the country”.

On his page in “Vkontakte” Yuri Cartiges constantly criticizes the Russian authorities. According to the materials of administrative proceedings (“Medusa”), March 31 Cartiges sitting at home, posted on his page, two videos about the Russian government. One of them told us that the government of Russia decided to give Kyrgyzstan a grant assistance in the amount of $ 30 million; the second roller – a survey of residents of Kostroma about the “United Russia”. According to applied to the case of the screenshots, both video Cartiges was accompanied by the caption “Putin is a fabulous *******”.

In conversation with “Medusa” Kartigi confirmed that published the videos, but said that in the post Mat was not; there, he said, was written literally the following: “Putin is a fabulous dollars…”. He emphasizes that the wording could mean anything up to “Putin is a fabulous survivor”. Cartiges sure that the inscription “Putin – fabulous *******” on his page left by police who allegedly hacked his page and edited the posts.

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He suggests that such actions could lead to his conflict with law enforcement. The parole Cartige is under the administrative supervision and shall be at home from 22 hours to six in the morning. According to Cartagena, at the end of March the police decided to check whether it a court order, and came to his house at about midnight. Cartiges resented this late visit and entered into a squabble with the visitors. They replied that have come to him this evening, but Cartiges were not open to them; he denies it.

As a result, he issued a warning about the need to comply with the rules of administrative supervision: in case of multiple similar violations of the supervised can be arrested. The man said “jellyfish” that the court, where he issued a warning that he had a conflict with the bailiffs, and they allegedly used physical force to him; for this reason Cartiges appealed to the Investigation Committee. He believes that it is because of these incidents and there was a case of contempt.

A man accused of contempt. Witnesses in the office of the service providers demanded for him the “most severe punishment”.

The law of contempt came into force on March 29. The posts on the page Cartagena appeared two days later. And already on April 2, the police captain by the name of the COP from the Department of the interior Ministry in Malovishersky district made a report about what is found on the page Kartysheva posts that “offend public morality” and demonstrate “a clear disrespect for the state”. He COP – the employee of management of economic safety and counteraction of corruption; why he was looking for posts with insults Putin, is unknown.

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According to the materials of the case, the next day the police decided to witness the posts – they come to the local office of the Internet provider “Novline”, where invited witnesses. Showed them the page Cartagena and posts, which said that “Putin is a fabulous *******”. In the case there is an explanation of one of the witnesses, who said that it was “deeply touched” words Cartagena and that such posts are “invalid” and the author must suffer “the most severe punishment” because “they insult the state as a whole and of every conscientious citizen in particular”.

Cartiges he believes that the police had agreed with the witnesses on such testimony. About why the witness showed him the page in the office of the Internet provider he doesn’t know.

After viewing the page in “Vkontakte” against Cartagena opened a case on administrative offence under the article on contempt. It happened just a day after the discovery posts – 3 APR.

The author of the posts about Putin was fined 30 thousand rubles. He’s going to complain to the ECHR.

Kartigam said “the Medusa” that the police required him to admit guilt. He said that only wrote “Putin is a fabulous dollars…” and not used the Mat. However, the judge of the district court Chudovsky Novgorod region Igor Ivanov considered the statement Kartysheva “an admission of guilt, but no remorse”.

April 22, the inhabitant of the Novgorod region have fined on 30 thousand roubles. The evidence of guilt in the case in addition to the testimony of Cartagena were screenshots of his posts, report police captain Police about their discovery, Protocol and explanations of witnesses (linguistic examination of the posts was not carried out). At the hearing, the judge Ivanov posts Cartagena read: “Putin is a fabulous swear word”.

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