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In Omsk students threw a 77-year-old man with stones

В Омске школьники закидали 77-летнего старика камнями

In Omsk the group of teenagers threw stones at a pensioner. Men have numerous bruises.

In local public “Vkontakte” appeared the video, where you can see how some students, which in the view of 10-13 years, in the garage threw in a pensioner with stones, they attacked him with fists and kicked him in the side of the massive iron door. The old man was trying to figure out what it stop the children, but to no avail. One of the boys regretted the pensioner and called the other children to stop bullying, but they continued.

According to “Superock”, the incident occurred on Sunday in the garage of the neighborhood Moskovka-2. The victim is 77-year-old man with injuries went to the hospital and filed a police report. Doctors diagnosed the pensioner numerous bruises of a head, body and hands.

The identity of all participants is already installed. Injury pensioner stabbed three teenagers 13 and 14 years, police said.

According to the residents, the incident is also addressed in the school and the Prosecutor’s office.

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