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In Odessa measles died a small child

В Одессе из-за кори умер маленький ребенок The child was not vaccinated.

In the Odessa city hospital for infectious diseases measles year-old child died. According to preliminary data, the boy was exposed in the regional children’s clinical hospital, where he lay with bronchitis.

When the boy’s condition worsened, doctors diagnosed him with pneumonia and sent to the infectious diseases hospital (in medical history was a note that he had contact with sick with measles), and later was discharged, but soon he again became ill.

“He’s not ill advised to make injections of immunoglobulin. When he was discharged, he was running, moving. 1 December evening he had a fever. The hospital has said that we have started measles. In the morning I gave him the medicine that was prescribed. He immediately became ill. I told the doctors and they told me that there is nothing wrong this, they say, the consequences of measles,” – said the mother of the child.

Despite the fact that the night before, the child began to eat, the night he died – according to the woman, “morning came, the doctor comes out and says that the baby was suffocating.”

Currently, the mother is going to declare the incident to the police because, in her opinion, the doctors negligent attitude to his duties.

In turn, the chief doctor of infectious hospital Svetlana Lavrikova does not see in happened the fault of doctors.

“Patients are hospitalized in the pits for a diagnosis. To it put not sick with measles, and the patient with a contact of a measles, with the same contact, which he did. The disease was very hard. Specific treatment of this disease, unfortunately, does not exist. We can totally handle it”, she acknowledged.

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