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In Mukachevo castle will open a new Museum

В Мукачевском замке откроют новый музейIn Transcarpathia will show the history

In Mukachevo historical Museum “the Castle “Palanok” plan to equip a separate room, which will feature foundry products.

“According to the administration of the historical Museum, the new hall will be collected various items from cast iron. We already have ancient iron, inside of which was filled with hot coals and stroking things. The weight of each from 5 to 10 pounds. Scales that affect not only their accuracy, but also exquisite design. But most of all there furnaces. Square and round. High and low. There is a really unique exhibits,” – said in the message.

It is noted that the most valuable for Transcarpathians furnace established in the village Gridasova, near Mukachevo. There in the times of Maria Theresa, there was a factory for the manufacture of cast-iron stoves. They meant a large inscription “Munkats”. Each furnace was the model number.

In the XIX century cast iron stoves were very popular throughout Europe and in Transcarpathia in particular. Often oven not only warmed the room, but also had a small shelf with a door. A niche played the role of the microwave. It was possible to quickly warm up food or drinks.

Interestingly, the first iron furnace had a fairly simple design and could not compete in beauty with elegant tiled stoves, which existed long before that. Then, the master of metal began to experiment. Detailed drawings, clear small items, images of plants, animals and other creatures began to decorate the rough cast iron stoves.

A lot of interesting and unique furnaces will soon be seen in a new exhibition hall, which is now still flawed and not ready to meet tourists.

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