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In Moscow first-grader was beaten with the permission of the teacher

В Подмосковье первоклассника избили с разрешения учительницы

In Khimki Moscow region of the pupil of the first class the students were beaten with the permission of the teacher of physical culture Olga Bashkirova. “Today is the day of the cannibal. Who wants human flesh?” said the students in the classroom Bashkirov.

The father bruised the child was told that a first grader fell in gym class, then the teacher encouraged the children to beat the boy. “The children are attacked EN masse and began to beat. To his head it was impossible to touch”, — transfers words of the man site “Moscow region today”.

Strange statements of the teacher turned to the child serious injuries. Parents took student to the city children’s clinical hospital. Vashlaevoj in Moscow, where he was diagnosed with a concussion.

Parents asked the school to explain. Physical education teacher commented on their actions just a bad joke, which she allegedly tried to improve the discipline of the class. The headmaster Natalia danyluk apologized to all the children and parents. “The teacher chose the wrong methods of work and time has not stopped the children,” she said.

The Commissioner for children’s rights in Moscow region Ksenia Mironova and the head of Khimki city district Dmitry Voloshin carried out the inspection. “We were in school, talked to the Director, a teacher. All the scandalous facts, unfortunately, have been confirmed,” concluded Mironova.

After the incident, the teacher was fired. She has written the application at own will.

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