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In kiyevshchina the girl suffered from smoke inhalation in a fire

На Киевщине девочка отравилась газом при пожареDuring resuscitation, the child died.

In Irpen Kiev region the tragedy occurred. As a result of fire in a private house, the little girl was poisoned by carbon monoxide. Unfortunately, despite all efforts of physicians, a five year old child died in the ambulance.

The tragedy occurred on may 6.

After receiving the message about the fire, to the place of profit rescuers, medics and investigative team. From the fire, employees of gschs pulled a five year old girl unconscious. Unfortunately, during resuscitation in the ambulance the child died. According to doctors, the cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning.

As later said the grandfather, who looked after his granddaughter, he went out into the yard, along with another grandson. After a while he saw that the house brings down the smoke and burning fire. He immediately called the fire Department. Unfortunately, the girl was blind, so was not able to leave the premises.

The fire completely destroyed the room on the second floor, where the fire started and there was a girl. The room was decorated under the tree. At the moment the site works laboratory SSES and the investigation team. Working version of the fire is considered a short circuit.

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