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In Europe, pointed to major failures of Ukraine

В Европе указали на главные провалы УкраиныThe expert described the achievements of Ukraine.

The main failure of Ukraine is an administrative impasse between the government and the presidential administration, which may be opened in the right after results of the parliamentary elections.

This was stated by the expert of the Berlin office European Council on foreign relations (ECFR) Gustav Gressel.

“Among the obvious problems and failures of judicial reform, unreformed Prosecutor’s office, unreformed police. This year during the parliamentary elections will be significant and another problem: reform the electoral law was limited and superficial. It was not a constitutional reform. Therefore, whatever the results of the presidential and parliamentary elections, the people of the oligarchs will still be in Parliament. Administrative impasse between the government and the presidential administration may remain or even increase, depending on the election results,” he says.

In addition, the expert called for the achievements of Ukraine.

“If we talk about security, the achievement of Ukraine was the revival of their own Armed forces. Ukraine has made quite big steps forward in the fields of public procurement, energy, microdiversity, deregulation, decentralization, health, labor legislation,” – said Gressel.

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