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In Egypt found 4500-year-old burial

В Египте нашли 4500-летнее захоронениеIn the tomb were found a limestone statues and wooden coffins.

Archaeologists have discovered painted tombs, but also of wood and clay funerary masks.

The Ministry of antiquities of Egypt announced the discovery of a 4500-year-old cemetery near the Giza pyramids on the outskirts of Cairo.

It is noted that the tomb was found the limestone statue and the wooden coffins which date back to the Old Kingdom. Located on the southeastern side of the plateau of Giza cemetery are graves and graves from various periods, including the ancient limestone tomb of priests of the fifth dynasty of the Old Kingdom (2465-2323 BC).

The footage from the excavation site shows that scientists were able to find a large number of wooden and clay masks, coffins with hieroglyphs and other artifacts.
As the General Director of excavations at the Giza plateau Ashraf Mohi, experts believe that the tomb was used many times in the late period (664-332 BC).

Earlier in the vicinity of Luxor in southern Egypt, archaeologists found the grave of the caretaker barns of Pharaoh of era of the XVIII dynasty.

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