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In China saved a man walking on high-voltage wires. Video

В Китае спасли мужчину, гуляющего по высоковольтным проводам. Видео The man went through the wires at a height of almost 10 meters.

In China witnesses filmed as a drunken man climbed up on the posts with the wires and walked around him three chesapeaked, until he came to the rescue team.

Drunk man climbed to the top communications post and moved via overhead cables at a height of nearly 10 meters above the ground. He walked one transmission line, holding the other two.

Downstairs gathered a large crowd of passers-by to watch the curiosity. Someone called the fire Department who immediately instructed the local power company disconnect the electricity from the cables.

They tried to persuade the man to come down, but in vain.

After several negotiations, the fire brigade decided to remove the person from the wires, climbed up a tree nearby. Rescuers gently pushed the Chinese on the mattress underneath.

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