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In Australia for the first time released a rare badgers

В Австралии впервые отпустили на волю редких барсуковPreviously they were kept in captivity.

In Australia zoologists was released into the wild a group of wild marsupial badgers. The last 100 years they were on the verge of disappearance and held solely in captivity.

The last time tiny mammals with long Bunny ears were seen in New South Wales in 1912, since in the wild they are not met.

In the 30 days immediately contained in the animal facility was released on a large fenced wilderness area near the town of Narrabri, North-West of Sydney.

This marked an important stage in the campaign for saving the bilby from extinction. However, without the railings, stretching for 32 kilometres, the bilby is unlikely to survive. Their numbers declined sharply before the First world war, when Australia increased the number of foxes and cats.

Bilby friendly to humans. Live in burrows, and hunt at night and sleep in a strange pose: sitting on its hind legs and thrusting his muzzle between the front.

The aborigines of Australia have always appreciated the fur bilby, perhaps, the active hunting of animals for their fur has also become one of the reasons for the sharp reduction in their population.

Earlier it was reported that in Australia not far from Melbourne, found a possum yellow color, like the hero of the Japanese anime pokemon Pikachu.

Also informed the jury of the British ecological society have chosen the best pictures of flora and fauna, made in 2018, environmentalists and students for competition”Capturing Ecology”. Now, what’s also interesting was the nature of the lenses of photographers around the world.

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