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In Antarctica, found object, distorting time

В Антарктиде найден объект, искажающий время The researchers say that they saw a time portal.

A group of American and British scientists came across in Antarctica on an interesting object when doing research in climate science.

The experts could find the time portal. According to physicist Marianne Maclean, the sky suddenly a clot of gray fog, which rotates. At first, scientists did not pay attention on the polar storm, as they thought. However, even after a few hours the fog has not disappeared and not moved to another point that surprised group members.

The experts decided to investigate the anomaly. They sent her to a weather balloon tied to the device for recording wind speed, air humidity and temperature. When the chronometer was lowered, it was shown on 27 January 1965. How is this possible?

The scientists repeated the experiment several times, but nothing changed. About some “gravitational tunnels” said albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen. They noted the existence of “corridors” that allow you to move anywhere in the Universe. It may be a strange vortex just refers to this futuristic theory.

Marianne noted that the military learned about the discovery was immediately classified all information. Consequently, the denouement of the story we hardly know.

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