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In Amsterdam had dismantled a “business card” of the city

В Амстердаме демонтировали "визитку" городаKnown throughout the world white-red letters decided to remove

In Amsterdam on Monday, December 3, dismantled the popular image of the city – the installation of the “I amsterdam”, which is more than 10 years attracted thousands of tourists.

About it reports de Volkskrant.

Known throughout the world white-red letters decided to remove, at the initiative of the party “Green left”. The party believes that the phrase “I Amsterdam” is the epitome of excessive individualism, while Amsterdam is committed to be “solidarity and diversity”.

The decision to dismantle the famous inscription was supported by the majority of deputies of city Council of Amsterdam. However, tourists will have the opportunity to be photographed on the background of popular installation – the letters after the restoration will set in less popular areas of the city.

Popular among many tourists the slogan “I amsterdam” was located on the square in front of the Rijksmuseum since 2004.

Many European cities are now struggling with a massive flow of tourists. This act in Amsterdam can be considered as a symbolic step in that direction.

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